Coping With Hair Loss For Women With Cancer

For people with cancer, one has to undergo a series of treatment for their condition. And treatment such as chemotherapy can have side effect on one’s body. For women with issues such as breast cancer, chemotherapy drugs can cause hair to grow thin, and for more serious cases, hair can fall off completely. And for women, hair loss can be a distressing thing to happen. The harsh impact on body, health, and image for a women suffering from cancer can be a big blow to handle with.

Hair loss for women with cancer may be inevitable, hence one should not let it be a burden on one’s shoulder. Rather we should look at ways to improve on the condition. One thing we must understand is that hair loss may be just temporary. For some people, 613 wig hair starts to grow back 3 weeks after chemotherapy. Hair can grow back when we improve on our condition, that is why one should not fall into depression just because of hair loss but foster the energy on recovery and improvement to the condition.

If you feel that your hair starts to grow thin when you begin on chemotherapy treatment, you can try the following to prevent excessive hair loss. Try using gentle or mild shampoo and conditioner for your hair. You should also use a cool hair dryer instead of hot air and comb your hair more gently to avoid breakage. You can also cut your hair short to give the appearance of thicker volume. Also, avoid direct sunlight or heated rollers on your hair or perming your hair as it is very fragile during these times.

Hair may start falling out 3 weeks after the first chemotherapy treatment, and it usually happens quite quickly. Usually for some women, they realized they are having hair loss when the hair starts clogging the drain after shower, or for others, they might notice a lot of hair around the pillow when they woke up. For some people, they would rather shave off the rest of the hair and for others, one may try to wear a cloth around the head to cover up the signs of hair loss.

As image can be important for one, one can try getting a wig during the period of hair loss. Wig can help to boost one’s confidence by giving a person a better image during the time of illness. But if you are not ready for a wig or find it to hot for you in a warm climate, you can also use a hat or scarf instead. They are equally useful to help a woman with imaging.

Hair is an important part of our identity and image. But it does not mean you do not look good without your hair. With make up and dressing, you can still look equally beautiful. So do not stress yourself too much if you are losing hair, and just whatever that makes you feel good. If you feel down or sad during such times, just talk with your family members or seek a support group for comfort. With support from others, you will definitely have the confidence to face the challenges. With this positive mindset, you are well on your way to recovery from your condition and gaining your hair back.


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