Bluetick Coonhound Dog

Description: This breed has a broad head with a domed skull. Here we see the muzzle that is square long, deep, broad and has a predominant stop. This breed has round eyes, which are dark brown and widely set. This breed has low ears, and these are thin. The tail is high, tapering to a beautiful point. The legs are straight, from the elbow; we see feet that are compact, with well arched toes. The hind legs are long and muscular. Their coats are glossy and smooth, dense and short, feeling slightly coarse to the touch. The colours of this breed are dark blue, with thick mottled body, spotted with shapes of black spots on the back, we see this on the back, sides, and ears. The tricolour coat as a speckled blue to look at, its heavy ticking is in point of fact made up of black coloured hairs on a white background, which creates a blueing effect. Ears and head are principally black. This breed can come with tan or without tan markings. If they appear, they should be on the chest, cheeks, and eyes and below the tail. If your dog has tan markings then you should see red ticking on feet and lower legs. Some standards prefer a more blue and black on the dog’s body, at all times there needs to be more blue ticking than white. nahls

History: Here we have the state dog of Tennessee. It is said to have come from selective breeding, in Louisiana of the foxhounds, English Coonhound and curs. This breed has a very strong instinct to tree animals, this means scenting out the animal and chasing them literally at the tree. Raccoons live in all states of America, and have been pursued by hunters with the help of the Bluetick Coonhound. The dog is expected to find, trail and tree the raccoons. Due to the fact that each dog has its own unique bark, which sounds more like a bay cry, night hunting with these dogs’ is often used, as the hunter can follow the sound made by each individual dog. Messipoker

Temperament: This breed is very intelligent and is exceptionally devoted to his family. It does well living outdoors, and is a good guardian to the family and home. This dog needs strong leadership, with firm handling, showing the owner as pack leader. Socialising this dog, whilst young, will avoid lots of problems with strangers and other dogs. This dog is a hunter and is fervent about it; there should be no trust in this dog with other non-canine pets. Here we see an extremely alert and active dog, able to work over difficult terrain, and in any weather. This is not a dog to take off the lead, as his natural instincts will take over, and he will be off on the hunt. These dogs are usually best with older children. preferablepups

Health issues: This breed is prone to hit dyspepsia, Krabbe disease, and cataracts.

Grooming: This dog is low maintenance only needing an occasional brushing. Regular attention to the ears is a must, to prevent infection.

Living conditions: This is not an apartment dog. They will do best in a large garden that is secure and well fenced, this is due to the fact that they catch in the Wind scents and may wish to follow.


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