The Top 3 Traffic Generation Strategies That Will Get You 1000% More Visitors

Traffic generation is the holy grail of internet marketing. Without traffic (people) you cannot sell the products you offer. You must see traffic generation as an mean to get people to your store. Once you attract them to your store, it is up to you to convert them. I will explain conversion in a different article. Here are the top 3 traffic generation strategies you must know and apply.

1: High Profile Content Syndication.

Article marketing is becoming less effective with the days. Because of web 2.0 platforms. But it is still the best method to get targeted traffic to your website. If you combine article writing with high profile content syndication you will multiple your traffic 10x times.

High profile content syndication means that you submit your articles to popular web 2.0 blogs. For example if your niche is women’s health find the most popular blog(s) and look if you can submit articles. There are enough sites that do not allow you to submit articles, but you can make guest posts on those. women’s wellness blogs

Doing this consistently will drive you massive targeted traffic which you can convert to buyers.

2: Create Your Own E-Book And Drive Mass Traffic To Your Website

If you have written a dozen articles you can re-use them and write an e-book. It is possible to do this and it won’t take more then 20 minutes of your time. I use this method with success and drive thousands of extra visitors in every month.

Here is how I do this.

You take a collection of your articles and add them all together in an text file. I prefer Microsoft Office. Then go to Google and type in “Free PDF Convert”. I cannot share the url because of the rules of this article directory. After you converted your files to an E-book it is time to submit this to some free e-books sites. Just Google for this, because there are enough on the internet.

Make sure you have links pointing back to your website In your E-book. If somebody is patient enough to read your book, he will definitely click on your link.


3: Forum Marketing, The Most Powerful Way To Get Traffic

Forums put you in direct contact with your prospect. Forum marketing is so powerful that people who get from the forum to your website are likely to convert 10x times better then people from other traffic sources. This can be a goldmine that will bring thousands of extra visitors to your source every month.

The guideline for successful forum marketing is to be active and participate in the community. Ask questions, answers questions. Spend some time on people and they will start to build a bond with you. Always have a link in your signature that points to your source. In the signature offer them more information if they go to your website.


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