Stagnant Heavy Metals Lurk Near Perth Beaches

Stagnant heavy metals lurk near Perth beaches – impossible! At least I thought that until I read an article on the front page of the West Australian newspaper on 12 June, 2010 which reported that heavy metals and hydrocarbons, sent into the ocean from storm water drains in suburban Perth, were remaining on the shoreline for up to 30 days. eliquidsoutlet

This finding came from the Centre for Water Research at the University of Western Australia which is directed by the well known and respected Professor Jorg Imberger. Profesor Imberger said that this discovery was made through sensors placed at Mindarie, Garden Island, Rottnest and in the Swan and Canning rivers which are already contaminated because of the run-off into the rivers from suburban storm water drains. singsanam

To learn more about the dangers of heavy metals, litter, phosphorus and sewage, leaching into our rivers and oceans from storm water drains, read my article “Zeolite Powder is Saving the Swan River”. These toxins can be very dangerous to our health and to the sustainability of marine life.vigorousism

The article suggested that while swimmers were not currently in danger, water that remained stagnant for 30 to 40 days may cause algal blooms and become potentially dangerous. It highly recommended that swimmers avoid swimming near storm water drain outlets, particularly after heavy rainfall. kratom tablets

The Department of Water is a Western Australian government agency responsible for the planning and management of state water resources now and in the future. The agency is implementing reforms which include minimising pollutants entering the waterways, restoring natural drainage lines and planning a decrease in the volume of storm water reaching the rivers and the ocean. allblogsidea

A study undertaken by the Department of Water of 65 storm water drains in 2007 found excessive levels of heavy metals at beaches in Scarborough, Cottesloe, Stirling and Joondalup and bacteria from faeces at levels six times higher than acceptable at Cottesloe, Rockingham, Stirling and Safety Bay. Thankfully, current monitoring has shown that coastal waters comply with Australian guidelines except when affected by one-off events such as heavy rainfall or illegal discharges.

Although actions are being taken at the Government level, we cannot wait for someone else to fix a problem that may one day impact the lives of everyone living in Australia. Take responsibility for your share now and consider the following. Tourism Africa

Firstly, never throwing anything down storm water drains.

Secondly, use fertilizers that incorporate an environmentally-friendly wetting agent and that contain low levels of phosphorous and nitrogen, balanced levels of essential soil minerals and trace elements, controlled release fertilisers and a non-leaching formula.

Thirdly, use phosphate free household detergents, avoiding abrasive and chemical cleaners containing ammonia and bleach.

Finally, ensure beyond doubt, that there are no heavy metals and poisonous toxins in your body by taking a daily dose of activated liquid zeolite. Published research has proven that this product will remove disease causing heavy metals and poisonous toxins easily and safely. It is small enough to travel into the blood stream and strip out heavy metals, toxins, pesticides and herbicides from the body thus allowing it to do its natural healing. For more info please visit these sites:-

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