Your Subconscious Mind – 4 Reasons Why You Should Boycott the News!

So many people think they can’t get by without listening to, watching or reading the daily news. What they are really doing is:


  • Starting the day on a negative note.

Because the population at large accounting craves bad news that is what the media churns out. It is what sells the news stories so that is what we get.The headlines always confront us with violence, murders, tragedies, disasters and so on. If there is any happy positive news it is barely mentioned or buried well within the depths of the paper.Instead of reading or listening to something empowering to start the day people fill their minds with disempowering thoughts. 


  • Conditioning their subconscious mind to accept negative thoughts as the norm.

By exposing themselves to negative vpxco news daily their subconscious mind becomes accustomed to it. This subtly erodes their values. What used to shock has now become quite acceptable without really even noticing. 


  • Concerning themselves with matters beyond their control.

The media brings to attention all sorts of negative matters that people get themselves involved in and let drain their energy, but really can do nothing about. Instead of wasting time and energy optoki concerning themselves with what is happening in the rest of the world they should be focusing on what they want in their own lives.They can only change the world one person at a time,starting with themselves. 


  • Instilling in themselves worry and fear.

The news has a scaremongering affect bringing to mind all sorts of things for people to be afraid of or worry about. Reports of disease outbreaks, financial situations etc cause people to worry about what they don’t want, so that is what they focus on and see. If they hadn’t paid attention to the newsheater matter they wouldn’t have known to worry about it. This worry and fear can be the root of stress and illness. 

Getting your daily fix of the news is really doing you more harm than good.The world isn’t going to change because you did or didn’t get the news but you will change. Why not give your subconscious mind a fix of something that is going to empower you for the day rather than sap you of your energy.

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