Nickelodeon Avatar – The Channel and Anime-Cartoon Story

Nickelodeon Channel has been established as cable TV network a long time ago, and it is well known in America and around the world. Initially, in 1979, when it was created, it was targeted for children and youth, but later attracted and an older audience attention. Especially, when Nickelodeon was broadcasting Avatar. This channel is accessible not only for American viewers, but also for Japan, Spain, Brazil, Australia, France, India, Germany, Norway, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and many, many other. kaufen sie k2 online

During this long lifetime Nickelodeon channel aired very large and different programs. However, one of the most memorable, in the U.S. and also around the world, is Avatar The Last Airbender TV Show. It consists of 3 Books and has been broadcasted for three seasons. For the first season – Water, the second – Earth and the third – Fire. The very first Book, the first season, was launched on 2005 February 21.

Nickelodeon Avatar has been developed on the basis of Asian culture. On this TV show, you will see Chinese and Japanese martial arts, religion – Hinduism and Buddhism. It is also full of magic moments, when a man, and to be more particularly 12 year-old boy, can control the air and other factors. This Nickelodeon Avatar TV Show is called the mix of anime and cartoon. Although it is often referred to be notable as the anime, but it is more like a cartoon style. All those character movements and mimics are more cartoon than a feature of the anime.

The main character of this TV show is the protagonist Aang, which was frozen in the piece of ice, and found by the brother and sister, Sokka and Katara. When Aang liberated from a piece of ice, he and his friends Sokka and Katara began to travel across the world, and to be more accurately, they flew with a large bison Appa. The Avatar wanted not only to learn to control all four elements – water, earth, fire and air, but when he traveled, he also was protecting the world from the Fire Nation. The whole world was ruled by Fire Nation. anime4up They terrorized a lot of people and took a lot of villages.

In the very beginning, Avatar could manage the air sufficiently good. Therefore, he could overcome the bad guys, Fire Nation people, and to protect himself and his friends. Fire Nation, which has pursued the Avatar, was led by Prince Zuko. Zuko constantly harassed Avatar because he wanted to arrest him. Sometimes he managed to catch Avatar and his friends, but since Aang could manage the air very good, he still to overcame Zuko and liberate himself and his friends.

In this TV Show, you can see the subject lessons, for both – children and adults. For example, in Book 1, was one situation that Aang friends, Sokka and Katara get angry and began a loud quarrel. Katara was angry that Sokka has built the tent poorly, and Sokka was angry, because Katara has brought a very little of scrap firewood to scrap fire. When they quarreled, came Aang, and suggested how to resolve this issue. jiliko He offered to swap works. Such lessons can be applied in life, because often enough, such disagreements occur between children. Therefore, when you are watching Avatar the Last Airbender, you can see not only the beautiful moments of fighting, a lot of action, unique character mime, but also you can learn something.

This Nickelodeon Avatar TV Show attracted a lot of attention among the audience of all ages. Furthermore, it had received various criticisms. After the first season, it was observed its’ great success and immediately were ordered the other second and third seasons. The TV Show was evaluated by millions of viewers. It was actively watched not only in America but throughout the wide world. Avatar has been nominated and has won numerous of awards. With such popularity had appeared items related with characters of this TV show – toys, games, costumes, even the Lego. It has already been published and Avatar book.


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