Moving From Ireland to Canada

From 1830 to 1850 half a million of Irish migrants settled down in Canada. Only a few years later, the Irish became the second largest ethnic group in the country. As per the latest census, the Irish form 14% of the total Canadian population. This encourages more people from Ireland to plan on emigrating to Canada. Learn a few important things if you too are considering a move to Canada.

Choosing the Right Area

Canada being the second largest country in the world in terms of area may deem it tough for you to choose a particular geographical area for settling down. Moving Companies In Edmonton Learn about the facilities that matter to you the most and consider things like job markets, educational opportunities, weather conditions, and housing prices in different areas.

There are many areas in Canada where you can find large populations of people with Irish origins. Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and Quebec are among the areas where big communities of Irish descendants can be found. You may also find such communities in many other regions of Canada including Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and so on. Learn about the employment and education facilities that meet your expectations in these regions.

Challenges You May Face

The only possible challenge that you may face after emigrating to Canada is the harsh weather conditions during the winter months. You must be careful in choosing the area if you are not fully prepared to face the low temperatures. However, these months provide numerous opportunities for recreation in terms of winter sports.

Things that Favor Relocation to Canada

A number of things can favor your decision to relocate to Canada. Firstly, you will be least likely to suffer from a ‘culture shock’ considering the huge percentage of Irishmen and women already living there. Another significant thing is that you don’t face any language barrier, as English is the first language in Canada.

There is no scarcity of jobs and business opportunities. Some of the universities in Canada like the University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, and University of Toronto are considered to be among the best educational institutions around the world. One can find help and assistance from the Ireland Embassy located in Canada. Besides, there are consulates located in Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, and Edmonton.


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