5 Ways My Life Is in the Matrix

Me and Neo – “Whoa! I Know (internal) Kung Fu.”

This past weekend I spent training privately with my master teacher Leas Maria, just as I have done for the past 4 years, without fail, without missing a week. $150 a week to train in what I believe are the most sophisticated human potential technology tools on the planet. How else can you explain how a young man from a broken home has found the healing, courage, hope, and love to persevere in the face of all adversity? A man who has brought himself through serious past traumas and come out on the other side by learning to live in Self Love – connected to God – and who, for the most part, maintains a Positive Identity Framework. This is not to say that I don’t get triggered into recessive states of being and have to deal with the consequences of failing particular lessons as they come.

Although Neo and I may be different, I do have some things in common with him. Now you may not think of me being quite as ‘cool’ as Neo, redribbonlive but if you give almost anyone that costume, those special effects, those skills, and a beautiful sexy woman by their side – I submit that you can make ANYONE look cool! Well…almost anyone. So, as I continue to ‘wake up’ more and more to my own life’s path, and as I continue to learn the necessary skills to manifest this high order of work in the world, skills I need in order to truly contribute transformative positive changes in the culture, in real time, through practical business models, I walk around knowing there is no way I can ever turn back.

Although I may be walking around without those dark shades and long coat, I can still FEEL like something is profoundly off in the world. And I train to develop these abilities of Mind, Body, and Spirit in order to discern the truth of my own internal and external realities. For there is much more to life than we could ever hope to perceive with our 5 senses. How ignorant and conceited to think otherwise? That outlook, to me, is purely the result of a Rigid Ego desiring to protect itself from feeling any fear for the vast possibilities that are extant within our Universe. For an Ego, without the pliable resiliency to handle deep Fear, ristomanager comes a halt in that individual’s ability to allow or assimilate any amount of Consciousness to pass through the Mind, Body, Spirit Matrix. This then would unfortunately lead to pain, suffering, wrong behaviors, emotional stasis, physical illness and quite possibly early death. Is this any reflection of our current World State of Being? Is the Individual’s ability or inability to manage their own internal matrix of personality development the direct result of wars, persecution, ignorance, hatred, greed, slavery, violence, gossip, judgment, crime, and the physical depletion of our natural resources on earth? Maybe more so than we would like to admit to. Easier to remain delusional than it is to take any personal responsibility in the matter.

#1 I Took the Blue Pill

You ever experience those moments in life where you ‘come to a point in the woods where 2 paths diverge’, and its time to make a choice on which one to take? I did. For me it was coming to a point where I could no longer continue to live the lifestyle I was currently living. I was in pain. I was sick. I was incapable of showing my face to anyone. I decided then and there that I wanted to live MATRIX CRACK a life that was long, vital, and healthy. I started telling my friends that very thing. Like a mantra. Over and over. And when I was ready for the answer – the Universe swooped in and handed me the ‘Blue Pill.’ She said, ‘Okay. You asked for it. Here you go. Heal. Learn. Grow. Develop. Cry. Weep. Heal. Evolve. Train. Follow through. Never give up! Learning in a myriad of human potential technologies in the last 4 years, engrossing myself in a body of work that has been developed over a period of 35 years by my teacher, has always been a true honor for me. I suppose it is the class of work that I had been looking for all my life. To enter into a true metaphysical system of wisdom and tradition is the stuff that used to only be taught in secret. Tools only available to Kings and Queens. Shamans and Priests. Well, the time has come to spread this work all over the world. Because the truth is we don’t have too much time left. I just hope to meet many more dedicated to ‘pulling the plug.’ I just hope we have enough pills to go around!

#2 Ready to Fight

As much as things can be resolved by peace, I will not allow myself or my loved ones to be kicked around. What if our personal freedoms are infringed upon? What if there were no other way out of a situation but to fight? Can you think of some scenarios where fighting would be considered the right course of action? I can too. Sometimes SMITH is so powerful, and so far gone out of the body, that it may take a good violent jolt to knock those out of the way who perpetuate degradation to the earth. Talk about the overuse of Control by old worn out patriarchal methods! It no longer serves anyone. So the only recourse is to train. Continue to train in as many disciplines as you can. Cultivate both Yang/external styles of discipline and Yin/internal disciplines. Balance your training and maybe someday we can come up with a downloadable program where, in an instant, I could ‘totally know Kung Fu.’

#3 False Oracles

I did not need to climb up an elevator in an urban apartment building, to be offered a cookie, while a woman in an apron tells me that I’m not all I’m cracked up to be. I think, like many of us, I had been searching for my oracle, that piece of clear information that could be given to me by someone completely outside my own personal framework. What I have learned is that I am ‘The One.’ I am the captain of my ship and the one who can bring order and peace to my own Universe! Little did I know was that my Oracle has always lived deep inside my belly and in my heart. I just didn’t know how to listen to it and how to truly access my organs without feeling pain and the memories of a life gone wrong lodged in my viscera. Qigong is a supreme technology for accessing and healing the Organ Qi by the way. Through discipline, emotional processing, the constant refinement of my Ego, and proper guidance from a master – I have been able to access internal structures of body/mind that mystics and healers and metaphysicians all write about. Because the fact is – my Oracle is inside – the one that gives me TRUE information – the one who tells me that I am the One. And when I am afraid of taking on that role. Or, if my Identity is not quite strong enough to hold the truth of that belief structure or direct experience, then there is more work to be done. The good kind of work where I can actually take complete ownership of all my goodness and strength, and embody this in time and space for all to see. Because if this Oracle offered up false claims – in the hands of the wrong Ego – it could mean destruction for many through the abuse of power. So that all those SMITHS desire to keep the entire population asleep in pods at the whim of machines and metal.

#4 Loyalty to Morpheus

I will always honor my teacher. I wouldn’t be anywhere without her. I wouldn’t be able to write all of this down. Because it has only been through the constant assimilation of knowledge and wisdom passed down through her, that I have been able to pick it up in her presence. This is what a master does coincidentally. Neo held onto a deep instinct that he had to save Morpheus. He wouldn’t leave him behind. This is the matrix of a sacred relationship. One that deserves honor and respect.

#5 A Leap of Faith

What happens is that these practices build on themselves. What I mean by that is that the direct feedback your body receives through the Mind’s attenuation to particular frequencies, builds one’s faith in that particular piece of information. Like if you were play scales on a piano. All the notes are struck when one is first learning how to do it, but there is no resonance in the player’s fingers or body – no flow. Until you memorize your scales and can just PLAY. This is what I mean by a practice building on itself. The more ability one has in the Mind to access the varying frequencies within your own internal mechanism, the more those notes will seem familiar. Then you can just play. Quiet the mind, sink into the deep sensate awareness of the body, and shift the attention to a particular organ, bone, or any other energetic structure. Internal practices like this usually begin and continue out of faith. But, in the end, this faith is rewarded by ‘truth that evidences a reality.’ This is being in the Matrix of Self Mastery and the final reason why my life has turned into a mission of faith. Like jumping off the roof of a high rise and flying straight up into success, happiness, love and wealth – my life is just beginning. And so can yours.


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