Different Ways of Using An Old Smartphone

With technology advancing at a great speed with each passing second we see new trendy looking smart phones crowding the market with the latest technology and new features. Phone users always get attracted to new phones as soon as they get launched in the market. emplaye Smartphone users many a times instantly decide that they would buy the newly launched phone and get rid of the old phone. In that case the old Smartphone which they would have been using for a period of time is sold or discarded in a pitiful manner. common hype

They almost forget the point that those old smartphones too were at one point of time in the hit list of featured smartphones. Also we see that those old phones are barely a few years old and are in the best working condition. The iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S which were initially launched in the market were termed as phones having the fastest processors and sharpest features with good memory space. But, now with more advanced smartphones, these old phones have no value in the current market. สล็อต รวม ค่าย เว็บตรง ไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์ 2023

Most of the people discard their old phone and start using their new phone. It’s quite sad that they hardly give a thought over discarding it. Those people who think their old phone is totally useless after buying a new featured phone must read this article because they need to know that all old gadgets too can prove to be very beneficial though they are technologically backward. A few ways of using old smartphones are as follows: hermes 手袋

Use it for GPS and Map Services
Using your old phone as a GPS system is indeed a great idea in itself. If you have a car charger then you can use it as a great GPS system because Smartphones require battery. smartphone for elderly Also data connection is needed in order to do the mapping service. For that you need to have a navigation application that will do pre-loading of maps. People owning Android phones can make use of the recent version of Google maps. You would be thinking of using your new phone for doing the same service but then you cannot attend calls if you want your new phone to perform the GPS service. Also you need to keep your new phone on charge In order to use the GPS service. So it is better to make your old phone do it rather than the new one.

Keep it for making emergency calls
When your new phone’s battery gets exhausted you can always use your old phone for making calls. In short during an emergency situation your old phone can act handy for you. If suppose your old phone does not have a SIM card and you are busy taking an official call then you could still dial emergency calls because The Federal Communications Commission sees to it that all cell phone carriers transmit all 9-1-1 calls to a PASP (Public Safety Answering Point) even when the caller is not subscribed to the service provider. Caller can easily make emergency calls if he has his phone battery full and good signal. The FCC is further planning to allow emergency texts and videos calls soon for the benefit of phone users.

Use it as a portable media player
Smartphones apart from being used for making calls, messages, or official use can also be used as a great media player. People who keep on traveling from place to place require some entertainment to keep them occupied. In that case your old Smartphone can be used for listening songs, watching movies and many more. Though your old phone might not have a data connection everywhere but users can access app stores MP3’S, YouTube, and even do web browsing. What more can you wish for when you have everything available on your old Smartphone. In this case you can watch a movie in your old phone and simultaneously attend an important call on your new phone. Also there are apps available which lets users stream shows and movies. For songs people can purchase it from stores or use an application for the same.

Use it as a portable gaming device
If you think you need to carry your PSP for playing your favorite games then you can change your mind and carry your old Smartphone instead. Your old Smartphone can help you play your favorite game swiftly as it has a wide-touchscreen. You can choose your favorite game from the many app stores. Again if you are thinking of using your new Smartphone for playing then you would be interrupted in between by calls and messages. In order to enjoy uninterrupted playing sessions make use of your old Smartphone.

Use your phone as an e-reader
If you are an ardent reader and looking out for kindle and Nook to read you need not waste your time and money in finding and buying one with your old Smartphone in hand. Your Smartphone can very well prove to be a great e-reading application if it has a large display screen. Also there are many e-reading applications available for smart phones. So all you need to do is charge the battery of your old Smartphone and use it as a good pocket sized e-reading device.


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